1.0M Solutions

Rieke Metals is excited to offer a number of new 1.0M organozincs for your research and commercial purposes.

Our 1.0M organozincs can improve your “space yield” while reducing costs. By utilizing a 1.0M solution vs 0.5M solution you can reduce the volume of solution required, reduce solvent usage and reduce freight costs.

Our Solutions

2422 2-Methylpropylzinc bromide
2385 2-Pentylzinc bromide
2380 2-Pentylzinc bromide
2388 Neopentylzinc bromide
2386 2-Fluorobenzylzinc chloride
2426 4-Fluorobenzyzinc chloride
2427 tert-butylzinc bromide
2428 2-Butylzinc bromide
2429 Cyclopentylzinc bromide
2430 2-Methyl-2-butylzinc bromide
2431 Cyclohexylzinc bromide
2432 n-Propylzinc bromide
2433 n-Butylzinc bromide
2434 n-Pentylzinc bromide
2435 1-Hexylzinc bromide
2436 3-Methylbutylzinc bromide
2437 4-Pentenylzinc bromide
2438 4-Cyanobutylzince bromide
2439 Cyclobutylzinc bromide

If you do not see a product as 1.0M solution let us know as we also work on custom projects to meet client specific needs.

Contact us to discuss your custom synthesis project.

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