Scaling Up the Possibilities: Rieke Metals Past and Present

Rieke Metals was founded with a particular goal: To develop the highly reactive metals and novel reagents our clients need to create the next groundbreaking innovation. For Dr. Reuben D. Rieke and co-founder Loretta Rieke, this was the culmination of more than 40 years of research, curiosity, and dedication to advancing scientific research.

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Creating Custom Molecules: A Team Effort

Materials science has made massive gains in the last 100 years. With increasingly complex problems to solve, our solutions need to be highly-optimized, cost-efficient and most importantly, sustainable. This is particularly true when your product involves the creation of a unique molecule or novel route of synthesis.

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What Are Polymers?

If there’s one thing common to humans across millenia, it’s the need to tinker. Since we started exploring the natural world, we have been asking how we can make things better, stronger, or more useful. To that end, the discovery of polymers marked a major turning point.

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