Custom Synthesis Capabilities

Rieke Metals is an experienced custom synthesis company located in the United States.

The key to success in custom synthesis is being attentive to customer requirements and know how in your respective field.

With over 40 years of active metal and inert atmosphere chemical experience, Rieke Metals is ready to solve your custom synthesis challenges. We can develop unique organometallics, monomers and polymers as well as provide custom molarity and/or solvent for your organometallics. Rieke Metals can also design or enhance a route of synthesis to improve yields and/or perform other custom synthesis services to suit your requirements.

Rieke Metals’ Custom Synthesis Services

Rieke Metals is available to:
  • Design a custom route of synthesis for molecules that are temperature, moisture and air-sensitive
  • Enhance a current route of synthesis to improve yield, quality and purity
  • Perform kilo lab services to ensure that you maintain yield and quality at any scale
  • Develop unique molecules, including polymers and monomers, to suit your specific needs
  • Create a specification profile for your unique molecule to ensure consistency and quality
  • Scale custom processes to large quantities
  • Contact us to discuss your custom synthesis project.

Why Use a Contract Research Organization?

If your product requires the development of a unique Organometallic, polymer, monomer or route of synthesis, your time and resources are well-spent engaging a contract research organization. Choosing an experienced, contract research organization with custom synthesis capabilities such as Rieke Metals helps to ensure:

  • Efficient and scalable route of synthesis
  • Consistent product quality and yield
  • Protection of your intellectual property
  • Professional record-keeping
  • Eligibility for federal tax credits
Whether you’re creating electronics, pharmaceuticals or the next big innovation, our scientists are ready to help take your product from development to commercial manufacturing.

Our Specialties: Air and Moisture-Sensitive Materials and Cross-Coupling Technologies

Rieke Metals’ team of highly-skilled organic chemists specialize in handling air and moisture-sensitive materials. We are highly experienced in the following reactions:

  • Active metals (eg. zinc and magnesium)
  • Grignard chemistry
  • Organozinc chemistry
  • Transition metal coupling chemistry
  • Polymerization

Additionally, Rieke Metals is available to perform the following transition metal catalyzed cross-coupling technologies: R-X + R’-M R-R’

  • Negishi
  • Cuprates
  • Stille
  • Suzuki & Molander
  • Hiyama
  • Olefin
  • Heck
  • Amination, Buchwald & Hartwig
  • CO Nuleophile
  • Carbonylation
  • Acetylide
  • Sonagashira
  • Kumada

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