Fall 2017 Newsletter

NCS Acquisition: Our portfolio got bigger, your research got easier

As of February 1, 2017 Rieke Metals LLC is pleased to announce its acquisition of the Novel Chemical Solutions brand, IP and catalog list of over 15,000 specialty building blocks and over 5000 organometallic reagents. With this acquisition, Rieke Metals has greatly expanded our portfolio of products allowing us to offer a combined product listing of over 25,000 products to the marketplace.

In recent years, our corporate mission has evolved to become the leading specialty chemical supplier of commercial and catalog quantity Grignards, Organozinc Reagents and Fine Organic Chemicals to the research and development, pre-clinical, early clinical life science industries and research and development work in the electronics industry. Our acquisition of Novel Chemical Solutions, or NCS, brings us one step closer to accomplishing this goal and opens the door for providing thousands of new products to assist you in your research and commercialization success.

Rieke Metals will maintain the NCS brand of products and will manufacture these items under our quality system at the Rieke Metals facility located at 1001 Kingbird Rd. Lincoln, NE 68521.

Custom Synthesis: Collaboration with Life Science and Material Science Customers

Rieke Metals is well known for their organometallics, polymers and expertise in inert atmosphere reactions, however, Rieke Metals is more than a catalog company. Rieke Metals has the ability to customize products available in the marketplace, improve your molecule and solve your synthesis challenges.

Rieke Metals also collaborates with their Life Science and Material Science customers to develop a route of synthesis, improve a route of synthesis to increase yields and purity, create or assist with product specifications and scale up from grams to kilograms on their projects. Utilizing a well-defined process to manage projects and, constant communication throughout the process, allows the Rieke Metals team to meet timelines and provide quality deliverables to the satisfaction of our customers.

Rieke Metals Quality Update

Rieke Metals implemented a quality management system in the spring of 2016. Our QMS, which is ISO compliant and meets many of the cGMP guidelines, supports customers who have strict quality requirements for their raw materials.

Since the implementation of our QMS, we have successfully completed multiple audits with our pharmaceutical customers. With the completion of these audits, we have enhanced and improved our QMS by adding new Standard Operating Procedures, Validated Test Methods, etc. Our QMS has become the backbone of our operations and exhibits our understanding and commitment to our customer’s quality requirements.

More than Metals

Rieke Metals’ active metal foundation paves the way not only for organometallic compounds but also a vast array of semi-conducting polymers and monomers used in photovoltaic cells and other printed electronic devices. Active zinc provides high reactivity AND also high selectivity, allowing the creation of highly regioregular monomer and polymers that are conductive and flexible.

Plastics are reknown for their conductive properties- consider all household electrical cords are covered with plastic. In contrast, conducting polymers conduct an electrical charge. Additionally, certain polymers can be dissolved into solutions and printed. Electrical devices, once hindered by heavy, static metal for conductivity, are now able to be made into designs that were only dreams a few decades ago.

Rieke Metals’ conducting polymer experience opens the door for thousands of compounds on a custom synthesis or contract research design in addition to our catalog listing. Visit our website for complete viewing of all Rieke polymers and monomers.

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