New Year, New Products

Rieke Metals is well known for their Organometallics. We offer over 5000 different Grignard Reagents, Organozincs and Zinc Chloride solutions. We are now offering Lithium solutions to complement our portfolio of products.

Part# 1018

Lithium bromide solution
Anhydrous 2.0 M in THF

Part# 1019

Lithium bromide solution
Anhydrous 2.0 M in 2-MeTHF

Part# 1020

Lithium chloride solution
Anhydrous 0.5 M in THF

Lithium solutions were created to use in organic synthesis applications, typically as an additive for organometallic transformations. Lithium salts can change kinetics and selectivity of organometallic conversions. Used with transition metal salts LiBr solutions work very well as a catalyst so cross-coupling reactions can be formed.

In addition to Life Science applications, Lithium solutions can also be used in the material science industry. These solutions can act as an electrolyte component for lithium batteries.