Rieke Metals Continues to Improve Our QMS

In 2015 Rieke Metals initiated their first Quality Management System (QMS). Over the course of the last 7 years, Rieke Metals has continually improved their quality system based on ISO9001 guidelines.

Rieke Metals has successfully completed a significant number of paper and in person pharma audits since 2015. Our QMS includes SOP’s for internal audits, change control, corrective actions and many more to support the pharmaceutical industry’s quality needs for intermediates and building block chemicals. 

Recently, Rieke Metals completed an independent quality audit by an outside consultant that is available to be shared with customers. This audit demonstrates Rieke Metals success in our quality standards that focuses on our Organozincs and Grignards used by the pharmaceutical industry. Our QMS has enabled us to scale many pharma projects over the years with a number of our products such as:

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