Rieke Metals Expands Their Catalog

Rieke Metals has steadily been expanding their catalog with the addition of new products and acquisitions over the last few years.

Our core capabilities in chemical synthesis, based on highly reactive metals, produces valuable, highly functionalized compounds at high levels of purity and yield that enable the formulation and commercialization of our customers’ products.

The evolution of the Rieke Metals product portfolio:

Based on these principles, Rieke Metals has created a portfolio of products that encompasses over 40,000 products in the following categories:

  • Active Metals — active zinc, active magnesium solutions
  • Grignards — magnesium based solutions typically as 0.5M or 1.0M in THF, MeTHF, Diethyl Ether *
  • Organozincs — zinc based solutions typically as 0.5M or 1.0M in THF, MeTHF, Diethyl Ether *
  • Fine Chemicals — Benzophenones, Ketones, Benzoylacetonitriles, Ketoacids, Ketoesters, Aldehydes, Alkenes, ect…
  • Polymers Kits — Specialty Conducting Polymers, Substituted Thiophenes
  • Standard Solutions — Zinc Chloride Anhydrous solutions (various molarity’s and solvents available)

In quantities from g/ml to kg/L to support research through 1000s of liters for commercial opportunities. All products manufactured in the US. For a full listing of products and services please visit our products page at www.riekemetals.com/products-services.

* These items can be made in a custom molarity or solvent

Contact us to discuss your custom application.

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