Rieke Metals is offering a new P3HT Derivative

Rieke Metals has recently added Copolymer [Poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl), Poly3-[6-[(3-Methyl-3-oxetanyl) (aka P3HT-HOx10) to our portfolio of products!

This polymer features an oxetane functional group attached to a hexyl carbon backbone through an ether linkage. Just as with P3HT, the thiophene bearing the oxetane group is functionalized in the 3-position and is present in the copolymer as a ratio of 9:1 relative to the hexyl chain of P3HT.

This oxetane copolymer is amenable to a variety of applications. Oxetanes are sensitive to strongly acidic conditions which allows for functionalization of polymer films or materials comprising this polymer with both strong mineral acids and photoacids. Reactions of this type lead to crosslinking and significant structural changes within the polymer. Also, the oxygen atoms, and their corresponding lone pairs, in both the ether linkage and the oxetane ring have potential for coordination to dopants and other materials introduced to this conductive polymer. The interaction between P3HT and common additives is relatively weak due to the uniform and non-functionalized properties of the hexyl carbon tail. P3HT-Hox10 will associate more tightly with conductive polymer supplements due to the heteroatoms contained in its structure.

We are currently undertaking further R&D work to offer other copolymer ratios as well as other functional groups in P3HT copolymers. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us if your research requires a custom polymer formulation. We are committed to leveraging our core capabilities in chemical synthesis to produce materials to support your research needs.