Rieke Metals Reaction Capabilities

Rieke Metals offers a large portfolio of products affording us the experience in a wide range of reactions and synthesis capabilities. Unequivocally, our area of expertise is air and moisture sensitive chemistry with a focus on organometallics.

We offer R&D through commercial scale volumes of organometallic reagents which undergo cross coupling reactions to allow for the synthesis of complex compounds.  These compounds can be used in a variety of applications including manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates, polymer synthesis and advanced materials. 

Using our Rieke Zinc allows us to prepare stable organozincs from compounds not able to undergo metal insertion with simple zinc dust. These organozinc compounds are used quite frequently as intermediates in organic synthesis reactions. These compounds can react with a variety of electrophiles in the presence of transition metals.  Their high reactivity combined with functional group tolerance allows for a broad range of molecules without the protection/deprotection steps typically required. 

In the presence of transition metals, organometallics can used to perform cross-coupling reactions.  Transition metal cross coupling reactions as a tool for carbon-carbon bond formation has become invaluable over the years.  Particularly organozincs for Negishi cross coupling reactions.

As mentioned these reactions allow for functionalized electrophiles and nucleophiles bearing sensitive functional groups such as heterocylcles, unsaturated aryl halides, esters, amines and aldehydes which can all be found within our line of organozincs:

Rieke Metals strives to assist our customers in producing excellent products by providing high quality reagents and the knowledge and support to use those products to your best advantage.