Rieke Metals Welcomes Two New Team Members

Boone Evans

Boone joins Rieke Metals with a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Boone received training in classical organic synthesis and gained experience in the fields of surface chemistry, electrochemistry, medicinal chemistry and chemical biology during target-oriented synthesis of various cyclobutyl fatty acids, redox indicators, and 1,2,4,5-tetrazines. He also developed methodologies for controlled decomposition of organic peroxides using visible light initiated photoredox chemistry and monitored reaction pathways through use of a newly designed alkoxy radical clock.

His Accomplishments Include:

  • UNL Cromwell Research Awardee 2021
  • UNL Department of Chemistry Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant 2020
  • UNL Department of Chemistry Chair’s Fellowship 2015-2017

His Publications Include:

  • Manuscript in Preparation: Evans, B.; Hipp, K. N.; Lambert*, W. D.; Sittiwong, W.; Lai, R.; Dussault, P.
  • H. Site-specific Surface Modification via Cheomoselective Inverse Electrondemand Diels Alder and Copper-Catalyzed Click Reactions on Cyclobuteneand Azide-containing Self-Assembled Monolayers.
  • Olson, S. A.; Jameson, A. J.; Kyasa, S. K.; Evans, B; Dussault, P. H. Reductive Cleavage of Organic Peroxides by Iron Salts and Thiols. ACS Omega, 2018, 3, (10), 14054-14063.
  • Lui, K.; Enns, B.; Evans, B; Wang, N.; Shang, X.; Sittiwong, W.; Dussault, P. H.; Guo, J. A Genetically Encoded Cyclobutene Probe for Labelling of Live Cells. Chem. Comm. 2017, 53 (76), 10604-10607.
Boone’s education and research will be an amazing asset to the Research and Development group.

Rebecca Tierney

Rebecca joins Rieke Metals with a B.S. Chemistry from Concordia University of Nebraska. Rebecca brings her knowledge and experience in Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry to Rieke Metals.

Rebecca Has Experience In:

  • SOP training
  • Wet analytical testing on API’s
  • Proper collection and data recording
  • Instrumentation: FT-IR, Karl Fischer, UV-Vis, analytical balances, etc.
  • Handling of controlled substances and hazardous material
While working towards her degree in Chemistry Rebecca was also a member of the Concordia University of Nebraska Trap Team! Rebecca’s background in chemistry will be a welcome addition to the bench at Rieke Metals.

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