Sourcing Smart and Securing your Supply Chain

A secure supply chain is critical to meeting a production schedule and company timelines. The choice of which supplier to use can have surprisingly significant effects on operational efficiencies.

The good news is that the time taken up front to source smartly can yield many benefits for your company. The right source will meet quality requirements as well as support company operations and minimize risk over the long term. At the core of sourcing is the recognition that you are not just procuring a product, you are selecting a supply chain. Over the past several years, with the pandemic and geopolitical instability, we have realized the vulnerability of the raw materials supply chain. Many companies are looking for domestic or western sources now more than ever.

With this in mind let’s consider sourcing decisions which can have a major impact on the bottom line. If a source is unreliable or the quality of their material is poor then sourcing and procurement groups can spend unnecessary time managing suppliers, handling corrective actions and chasing backorders. Batches could be lost or production timelines could be missed.

Scalability should also be a consideration if material will be used in clinical trials or potential commercial products. If you choose a source that cannot scale up, you will have to re-source and re-qualify the material when it is time to navigate late stage clinical trials or going to commercial scale manufacturing.

Sourcing is an opportunity to build supply chain security into your overall operations. Rieke Metals checks all the boxes. Our manufacturing facility is located in the heartland of the United States with an experienced team that supports customers globally. With an emphasis on quality, operating under a robust Quality Management System, you know you are getting high quality products with high yields for your project. Rieke Metals has the flexibility to support you with material from R&D lab quantities to thousands of liters for your commercial operation. Let Rieke Metals be your seamless supply chain partner.